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Positive thoughts

A lot of us are struggling this year. Mental health is a struggle. So much stress. Even if you’re struggling check in on a co-worker. Check in on a friend or family. Try to be the reason someone smiles. It will help you smile. Today I sent out 5 positive text messages encouraging people. Yesterday… Continue reading Positive thoughts

Social Media

Facebook was created to bring friends and families all over together. However it created something else. It created a sense of false reality. Think about the countless times you see people post pictures of their “perfect” family, relationship, vacation, or self. Facebook has helped us create a picture perfect reality. I say this because no… Continue reading Social Media

Physical Health

I talked a lot about how I handled my mental health. Now I want to share my physical health journey with you. My heaviest was 285 pounds. I’m 5’7. I’m 250 now and still losing it. It is an extremely tough journey. Losing this weight is hard. Emotional eating, stress eating, and boredom eating with… Continue reading Physical Health

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